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  • Since 2013 Kawit e.U Austria feels the responsibility to translate its premium biotechnological research findings to be available on shelves  
  • Kawit e.U Austria is building a bridge between research and old traditional herbal medicine used for many centuries. We developed a research strategy to rediscover the old used Ayurveda in a scientific based environment
  •  Our Natural Alternative Medicinal Products are verry effective as systemic as well as local herbal cosmetic products, as the active ingredients have been used all over the world for more than 2000 years
  • Kawit e.U Austria extracts and purify active natural compounds from selective groups of plants which have a very long history to be used in Ayurveda for ALLERGIC ASTHMA, COPD, Chronic COUGH, Psoriasis, Eczema, Anti-aging, and Neuro Dermatitis and even helping to fight against different types of malignancies.

Our natural products are very well studied and very safe.

It is time to rethink about Natural Safe Prodcuts.

Kawit corona vaccine


Our mission:

Use safe herbal products to help achieving better general condition and to help in decreasing the usage of the chemical formulas in our daily life.

All of our products are safe for use on daily bases as all of them are made from natural plant extract used in the first instance as food or food supplements.  

Kawit e.U Austria guarantees the maximum satisfaction of our products, that we worked hard to achieve  

The highly well-trained Medical Researchers of Kawit e.U Austria, allow them to rediscover the old traditional medicinal plants and to bring them back to the future by using the highly developed to date biotechnology R&D


Our story


 Our Natural Alternative Medicinal Products are verry effective as systemic as well as local herbal cosmetic products, as the active ingredients have been used all over the world for more than 2000 years.


Kawit has:

2 pipelines

FreeBreeze 9.1 COVID

Systemic 100% Natural undertounge (FreeBreeze 9.1 Drops), Nasal Spray (FreeBreeze 9.1 Spray, FreeVier Spray) and Syrups (Graviola Plus).

FreeBreeze 9.1 is one of up-to-date Herbal extract which is tested and examined in our labs against Severe cases of Allergic Asthma (experimental models). It gives very successful results in preventing and treatment the acute attacks better than using the traditional corticosteroids.  

myface cream

myFace Series is a complete care for the face starting from softening, anti-wrilnke, firming, and brightening of your face with the most powerful and effective natural extracts produced in Kawit e.U Austria Labs.

myFace Series creams help to restore the dried cracked skin of face and body resulted from different type of diseases (e.g. Psoriasis, Eczema….).

Kawit e.U Austria introduces a new concept of Natural Beauty Home Massage machine to ensure the maximum delivery and absorption of the creams 

our Concept

FreeBreeze is safe

Our all products are very safe to health as they are prepared and extracted from a daily food products, or from very old traditionally used food.


We are using only FDA approved Food or Medicinal plants to prepare our extracts from them

FreeBreeze research

Our Products are prepared in our Labs in Kawit Austria under the supervision of our highly professional team.

Our Team

We are highly skilled Professors the field of Medical Research and Biotechnology working hand in hand with 2000 years old Medicinal plants.

We have International Recognistion: We are members of many international immunological societies, e.g,The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EACCI).

Our team are highly skilled and certified Doctors and Medical Biotechnologists. 

To learn about new techniques and innovative treatments, we take part in Continuing Medical Education modules on a regular basis.

Feel free to contact us If you or your beloved ones need medical advice or care. 

We are glad to help you!

Our Goal

Our goal is to maximize the health, independence, and comfort of our patients and their families.

We take our time to listen to our patients and to provide individual treatment that suits their needs. 



Our success comes from the fact that we love what we do.

We are dedicated to providing the best individual healthcare available.

Our focus only and only is on the pure biological natural products from plant origin.  

Our Dream

Our Dream comes true: we have our natural highly effective products available in the market for the daily use, as a supportive nutrition for:  

Allergic asthma, chest infection, sinusitis, Psoriasis, and Eczema 

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