100% Natural Control

The successful healing of a very resistant skin chondyloma by our Kawit Chondyloma 100% Natural Control system after 4 weeks of usage.

Chondyloma Narural Control

Kawit Austria offer a very efficient, 100% natural products to control a painful skin Chondyloma.

This system consists of:

1: Herpifree Gel:

a 100% Natural plant extract from a combination of leaves, seeds known to be effective against HPV and HBV.

Plus the same protocol of Psoriais to optimize and to maximize the response of the local immune system around the Chondyloma lesion.

Please Check our Kawit Psoriasis Natural Control.

How to use 100% Natural Chondyloma Control

It is a topical local skin different types of Gels.

Applied 2 times/Day for minimum of 2 months.


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