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Graviola Plus


The only highly effective Graviola Extract in EU Market

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Graviola Fruit Plus Extract

Graviola Fruit prepared by up-to date scientific extraction methods.

Graviola Fruit Plus is a concentrated syrup from Graviola from Peru, the mother land of Graviola.

Graviola Fruits Plus

Graviola Leaves Plus Extract

The whole Graviola tree (Fruit and Leaves) are prepared by up-to date scientific extraction methods.

The whole Graviola tree (Fruit and Leaves) is in a concentrated syrup from Graviola from Peru, the mother land of Graviola.

Well Studied

Many scientific researches and papers proved since the 70s that Graviola whole tree products are helpful for healthy as well as patients, they are suffereing from different health problems.

It potentiate the action of many treatments.

Graviola and cancer

Graviola Family

Graviola Fruit Plus

Graviola Cancer

Graviola Traditions
Juice & Leaves tee

Graviola Plus

Graviola family
small volume
50 ml

What is Graviola

Time to change

With the use of our Graviola Plus, you will discover the difference in a very short time.

Kawit corona vaccine
Graviola Cancer

Fruit & Leaves

In Peru and south American countries, it is a tradition that every house grows its own Graviola tree. People are eating the fruit and drinking the leaves as tee.

Why Graviola Plus?

Yes, it is Graviola from the Amazon region


  • Graviola Plus is not only an extract.
  • It is a unique extract in the market as it is produced to the state of the art combination between biotechnology research and natural food product
  • Graviola plus has a specific formula from both fruits and leaves to be very highly effective and powerful enough to help and to fight against many of the health problems
Graviola Cancer

Graviola Plus Fruits & Leaves since 2017

  • Exclusive production from sun dried Graviola Fruits and Leaves
  • Fruits and leaves are imported specially to Kawit from Peru
  • Processed through highly sophisticated technology
  • Has a special concentration holding the wanted active substances which are identified and optimized in our Kawit laboratories in Vienna
  • Has the optimum concentration of the active substances to our bodies which are also tested in kawit laboratories in Vienna against many cell types
  • Are working as a very powerful and rapid substances in our bodies, and in Kawit laboratories, we discovered how it works
  • Considered a unique Graviola product all over the world, as it is very highly researched, produced and certified in EU (Vienna, Austria).
  • very helpful health support in health as well as in diseases.
  • Graviola history is long enough to talk about these products
Graviola Cancer

Why Graviola?

  • Graviola is a well known fruit in South America, Asia, and African countries, and newly introduced to European countries.
  • The market is growing very fast following the thousands of researches that were applied to the fruits, leaves and seeds.
  • The research interest in Graviola had started in 1971
  • Since 2009, researchers have been focusing more and more on the selective cytotoxic effect of the fruit and leaves on cancer cells.
  • In 2019, researchers were focusing more on the hypoglycemic and hypotensive effects of Graviola.
  • The results are promising to identifying new nutritional and health benefits out of these valuable fruits and leaves.

How to use Graviola

  • Fruit fresh juice is one commodity that is consumed in all region of the world.
  • As a matter of fact, economic downturn hardly affects the consumption of fruit juice because it is considered a healthy substitute for soft drinks and other processed drinks.
  • In recent years, the perceived high sugar content of some smoothies and juices has forced the industry to adapt its offering.
  • For this reason, cold pressed juice, which is made by hydraulically chopping and crushing produce such as spinach, kale and ginger without using heat, thereby yielding highly nutritious juice, has risen to prominence.
Graviola Cancer

Why our Graviola is different?

As we are professional in the sector of biotechnology and phyto -industry (Nutraceuticals) since 2013 in Vienna, Austria, this gives us the chance to combine our latest research in biotechnology and translate it to bioavailable products from a highly demanded Graviola fruits and leaves in the European as well as in other countries.

Graviola Cancer
Graviola Cancer

Indoor & outdoor

Es ist aus Peru, dem Land der Graviola

Es ist von Kawit, dem Unternehmen für Biotechnologie in Wien, Österreich

  • Kawit ist ein Biotechnologie-Unternehmen, das sich hauptsächlich darauf konzentriert, die neuesten Forschungstechnologien auf die sehr sicheren alten natürlichen Heilmittel anzuwenden, um neue Vorteile aus sicheren Lebensmitteln (Nutarceutical) zu entdecken.
  • Kawit Naturprodukte sind in der EU und den amerikanischen Märkten für ihre starken und wirksamen Wirkungen auf die menschliche Gesundheit bekannt.
  • Graviola aus Peru wird von vielen Forschern als die stärkste und effektivste Art der Welt angesehen, mehr als die Graviola aus dem Fernen Osten und Afrika
  • Wir haben in unserem Labor in Kawit, Wien festgestellt, dass die Graviola aus Peru viel effektiver und stärker ist als jede andere Graviola aus Asien oder Afrika.

How Does Graviola work in our body?

Graviola Plus helps in: Fruit Leaves
High Blood Suger
Works on Amylase 1 and Glucosidase 1 Enzymes ++++++
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Angiotensen Converting Enzyme 1 (ACE1) ++++++
Very high alkaline pH ++++++
Liver fibrosis, HCC
Glutathione perioxidase + Anti oxidant activity ++++++
Bladder Infection & Prostate
Cancer Breast, Lung, Colon, Prostate
Cancer Blood (Leukemia)

Graviola Plus Fruits and Leaves are selective inhibitor to the growth of cancer cells (cytotoxicity, induction of apoptosis, necrosis, inhibition of proliferation through inhibition of the energy supply to the cells. While it is very strong anti oxidants to the normal cells and help them to be more healthy (evidence based medicine, many published scientific papers,, Anticancer Properties of Graviola (Annona muricata): A Comprehensive Mechanistic Review


Graviola Cancer

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